Policing with Insight

Blue Knight Conflict Solutions’ seminar, Policing With Insight™, goes beyond standard de-escalation training procedures to prepare both individual officers and entire departments for success. At Blue Knight CS, we know that our men and women in blue risk their lives on a daily basis. Policing With Insight™ focuses on enhancing officers’ critical judgment, reasoning, and communication skills by providing a greater understanding of the nature of conflict. As a result, officers will have a heightened ability to avoid escalating intense civilian interactions and stop conflict before it starts.

Policing With Insight™ prepares officers to overcome a multitude of relevant law enforcement situations without the use of force. The course will help officers answer the following topics:

IADLEST - National Certification Program Seal Received June 2019

  • What Does “Policing With Insight” Really Mean?
  • Why Is It So Hard To Be A Cop These Days?
  • How can I survive and thrive in today’s law enforcement environment?
  • How can I apply Policing With Insight™ to help me achieve better results?
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Policing With Insight™ received certification in June 2019 – View the October IADLEST Newsletter where we are mentioned

A Word to the Cop on the Street

Download this print-ready file on what you should never forget.

Consulting Services

Blue Knight Conflict Solutions is available to offer consulting services to law enforcement agencies throughout the nation and abroad. We work closely with our partners to determine their specific internal pain points and hot buttons. From there, we create a customized strategy to attain specific goals and drive a positive internal culture. Our founders goal is to improve the quality of life for law enforcement and the community they serve.

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