Blue Knight Conflict Solutions: About Us

Blue Knight Conflict Solutions is a law enforcement training and consulting firm that specializes in conflict resolution strategies across all department levels. At Blue Knight CS, we have seen the impact that rising tensions between police and the public has made throughout our national community, putting our officers’ lives in danger on a daily basis. Our crisis management curriculum is more than a supplemental training tool; it’s vital agency resource to help prepare and protect our field professionals at all times.

About Our Founder

Tony Blackburn is a 20-year retired U.S.A.F Veteran with a law enforcement career that spans over 12 years. During his time in the service, Tony spent five years working directly with commanders to manage training initiatives and ultimately served three years as a First Sergeant, taking care of the troops. After retiring, Tony continued his education, earning three graduate degrees in Social Work, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Business Management. Now a licensed Clinical Social Worker, Tony runs his own private practice where he specializes in post-traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse.

As founder of Blue Knight Conflict Solutions, Tony taps into his diverse professional and educational experience to develop results-driven law enforcement strategies that improve public relations, drive job satisfaction, and most importantly, helps keep our responding officers and the citizens they serve safe. Contact us today for more about Tony’s unique approach to creating innovative law enforcement curriculum.

A Team of Professionals

Audrey Johnson has 29 years of service and experience in Law Enforcement. She began her law enforcement career in 1989 as detention service officer with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department. In 1994 she promoted to a non-sworn rank of Detention Service Supervisor and after 5 years of supervising detention officers she promoted to the rank of Deputy Sheriff in 1998. In that capacity she worked in numerous assignments and after two decades of working for Sheriff’s Department, in 2018 she honorably retired as an Internal Affairs detective.

Audrey has a Master of Arts in Management and a Bachelor of Business both from Dallas Baptist University. Audrey received an Advanced Graduate Certification in Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management from Southern Methodist University. She holds a Master Peace Officers Certification and Instructors Certification from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards.

Audrey is a Dallas native and a proud mother of two daughters. Audrey finds her motivation by helping others while serving her community by volunteering, public speaking engagements, reading to small children through the Head Start Program of Dallas ISD, she also participated in the community outreach program known as Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization. After retiring Audrey enjoys traveling and building her private investigations business.

The Blue Knight Conflict Solutions Difference

Our founder, Tony Blackburn, launched Blue Knight Conflict Solutions with one primary goal: to develop interactive, dynamic training programs and consulting services that help officers manage interpersonal conflict and crisis safely, successfully, and without the use of excessive force. Tony’s distinctive training methodolgy goes beyond standardized tactics that focus solely on the crime or disturbance at hand.

Instead, he helps officers effectively engage with the community to address concerns, understand specific needs, and problem solve to minimize stress and escalation throughout every potentially hostile situation. Tony partners with law enforcement individuals and teams to increase situational awareness, sharpen response techniques, and diffuse overall risk for a final resolution that safeguards all parties.